TinyScheme Extensions

TinyScheme Extensions

TSX is a set of extensions for the TinyScheme implementation (as an interpreter) of the Scheme programming language. I like TinyScheme because it is very small (the full binary is about 80 kBytes for the complete implementation), and because it is easy to extend.

TSX provides support for operations with filesystem, sockets, date/time, and some miscellaneous ones.

TSX is only supported on real operating systems (i.e., GNU/Linux and other flavours of UNIX). A port to the Sharp Zaurus is available thanks to AlphaGeeksInc.

If you want to learn Scheme, I would recommend Structure and interpretation of computer programs by Abelson and Sussman, also known as "The wizard book". The Little Schemer and The Seasoned Schemer, by Friedman and Felleisen, are also instructive and funny introductory books.

(c) 2004 Manuel Heras